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About us

Our Story

Our story began in 2015 when we, INTO SCHOOL’s founders, Janne Hiedanniemi, Kari Saarilahti and Tuomas Hiedanniemi (all teachers, some fathers, multiple Finnish Grammy-winning music producers and most of all friends) had a collective realization: we have the ideas, passion and expertise to revolutionize teaching and learning in Finland and all around the globe!


Working collaboratively, we devised an education concept and practical model that helps children to discover their innate creativity, and inspires teachers to fall in love with the educational potential of technology.


As we began to develop and refine our idea, we became increasingly aware of a pressing need to imagine potent new teaching methods incorporating digital pedagogy.

Crucially, we saw that our ideas answered that need. Supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, we founded

INTO SCHOOL and started to train Finland based teachers and educators, from early childhood education to secondary school, from Helsinki to Utsjoki in the far north. 


As awareness of our activities spread, so did interest and demand. Soon this demand for our expertise extended beyond Finland’s borders and to date, we have delivered on-site and remote training throughout the world, in cities such as Paris, Cologne, Budapest, Dubai and Beijing.

A music-focused preschool was the next logical step of the INTO SCHOOL enterprise and one that we considered from the outset. The idea often came up in internal discussions and we found that clients and other partners frequently asked if we had any such plans.

In January 2021, the first INTO PRESCHOOL opened its doors in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Our Clients

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