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INTO SCHOOL Lauttasaari

Itälahdenkatu 2, 00210 Helsinki

"INTO SCHOOL Lauttasaari – the best playschool in Helsinki!" 

Our first playschool located in Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari, opened in January 2021. 
A safe environment, professional staff and versatile learning are the cornerstones of our operation. Welcome to INTO SCHOOL Lauttasaari!


Seascapes, music and imagination

Our playschool located in Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari offers children a unique international learning environment. Our bilingual approach, where Finnish and English are used daily, creates great opportunities for children to develop their language skills in natural and versatile ways.

The windows of our daycare center offer a wonderful view of the forest and the seashore. Children spend at least 1.5 hours outside in the middle of beautiful nature every day and get to enjoy an environment where every day is full of adventure and the joy of learning!

We want to support and encourage children's creativity, insight, play and self-expression. It is a matter of our heart to take good care not only of our little learners and their safe growth environment, but also of the well-being and retention of our staff.

Find out more about our daycare's emphasis and come and experience it in
INTO SCHOOL's happy, inspiring and international atmosphere!


INTO SCHOOL Lauttasaari
Children under 3 years old: 0 - 640 €/month
Over 3 years old: 0 - 540 €/month

The amount of private care support varies from city to city. You can check the amount of support offered by the City of Helsinki at this link, and the amount offered by the City of Espoo at this link.


If your family is eligible for a care supplement from the city, the price will be further reduced and in some cases the full cost taking into account all subsidies and discounts could be 0 €/month for the family.

We offer a discount of 60 €/month for part-time daycare.
Sibling discount is 150 €/month starting from the second sibling.


Five-year-olds are entitled to a discount of the early childhood education fee of 160 €/month for 10 months of the year. This represents the City of Helsinki’s compensation for five-year-olds’ free four-hour early childhood education.

​The early childhood education fee is billed once a month and it is to be paid 12 times per year. The year of activity of our preschool begins in August and ends in June. Our preschool is closed during July.

Thrilled to know more?

Welcome to INTO SCHOOL!

Our staff

About us


Our child started at the INTO SCHOOL in February 2021. The start and the introduction period were well organized, there was enough information, as well as individual support and attention. From day one, we have had confidence in 


Salla Komulainen



The co-operation with the playschool is seamless and close, and potential challenges have been addressed together. In addition, the location and facilities of the INTO SCHOOL are the best.

The best thing about INTO SCHOOL is definitely the new friends and the wonderful, committed and professional staff, whose contribution we greatly appreciate.


The atmosphere at INTO SCHOOL is positive and encouraging, each child is encountered as an individual. Our child enjoys a variety of activities, especially music and art subjects. Linguistic development has taken great strides forward in six months, and I believe that an encouraging and creative environment will have a positive impact on this.

Contact information


New families

Marja-Sisko Pohjola

+358 44 729 2103

Inquiries and family tours

Nataly von Deringer (FI/EN)

+358 44 363 6617

Opening hours


Itälahdenkatu 2
00210 Helsinki

7:30 am – 5:00 pm

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