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INTO SCHOOL goes to Suomenlinna 360°
THE DIAMOND STORIES by Boogie Birds - Viskarit

Are you ready to experience, hear, and see the incredible adventure and story of Julia, a pony, thieves, diamonds, and an unbelievable treasure at the Suomenlinna sea fortress, off the coast of Helsinki? Jump aboard INTO SCHOOL's wildly thrilling escapade!

Girls in Painting Class

About the project

CREATECH - INTO SCHOOL goes to Suomenlinna 360° project brought children and adults into a unique adventure and learning experience, combining play, creativity, cultural heritage education, as well as various forms of art and self-expression. In this comprehensive project, children explored existing cultural heritage and together created new cultural heritage through creative production and transmedia storytelling.

At the orientation stage of the project, the destination for the excursion, which also served as the project's theme, was chosen together with the children. The chosen destination was Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on an island off the coast of Helsinki.

The unforgettable adventure truly began when the children discovered the old and authentic Suomenlinna treasure map in the nearby forest of Lauttasaari.

Preparation for the trip to Suomenlinna and the treasure hunt involved familiarizing the children with Suomenlinna, its surroundings, and history through pictures, videos, and materials designed for children found on Suomenlinna's website. The children were inspired to craft various role-play costumes for the trip, such as hobbyhorses, swords, capes, jewelry, crowns and other headgear.

On the day of the excursion, the children dressed in their own role-play costumes, and the journey to Suomenlinna was made using various modes of transportation, including bus, metro, and ferry.

In Suomenlinna, the children closely followed the treasure map and completed tasks assigned in it, such as measurements to reach the treasure. Finally, the clever treasure seekers found the real treasure chest filled with pearls and diamonds. These treasures were later used for crafting additional jewelry, among other things. As a memento, a 360° photograph was taken at the location of the treasure, which was later utilized in the project. During the Suomenlinna excursion, the children also had the opportunity to visit various attractions and the Suomenlinna Museum.

Inspired by the excursion, the children constructed their own Suomenlinna at the kindergarten using various recycling and natural materials. A 360° photograph of the fortress was also taken. Eventually, the children's own fortress served as an inspiration in many different ways. Children played in the fortress, gathered around it to paint pictures, and told their own and collective stories, which were then recorded using the storycrafting method.

From the collective story, it was decided to make a real movie. For the movie, the children invented lines, crafted props and role-play costumes using various crafting techniques, and created a storyboard with the help of adults. The children also composed and recorded their own music, sound effects, and dubbing for the movie.

During the project, the children also visited a real dance studio and created a dance performance with choreography based on their own story.

Finally, all stages of the project were integrated and brought into a 360° virtual environment, which opened as an accessible and immersive multimedia online exhibition to the whole world.


The learning project culminated in a grand premiere, where children and their families were invited as guests. The event showcased the virtual 360° world, offering not only a comprehensive experience but also an opportunity to explore all the different stages of the project and its creative outputs. In addition to the 360° virtual world, the event featured a physical art exhibition displaying all the children's crafts such as paintings, stories, props, and Suomenlinna itself.



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