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INTO SCHOOL International Preschool


INTO SCHOOL Herttoniemi
Children under 3 years old: 0 - 490 €/month
Over 3 years old: 0 - 390 €/month
INTO SCHOOL Lauttasaari
Children under 3 years old: 0 - 640 € / month
Over 3 years old: 0 - 540 € / month

The amount of private care support varies from city to city. You can check the amount of support offered by the City of Helsinki at this link, and the amount offered by the City of Espoo at this link.


If your family is eligible for a care supplement from the city, the price will be further reduced and in some cases the full cost taking into account all subsidies and discounts could be 0 €/month for the family.

We offer a discount of 60 €/month for part-time daycare.
Sibling discount is 150 €/month starting from the second sibling.


Five-year-olds are entitled to a discount of the early childhood education fee of 160 €/month for 10 months of the year. This represents the City of Helsinki’s compensation for five-year-olds’ free four-hour early childhood education.

​The early childhood education fee is billed once a month and it is to be paid 12 times per year. The year of activity of our preschool begins in August and ends in June. Our preschool is closed during July.

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