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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we enroll our child, even if we currently live outside of Helsinki?

Yes you can!

As we are a private operator families from all cities can enroll and join our growing and learning community.

The amount of private care support varies from city to city. You can read more about this from here.

How does a typical day look like at INTO for kids?

We try to make our days so that there wouldn’t be a sense of rush and hurry but children have time to focus on whatever they are doing at the moment and we adults have time to wonder together with them. During the morning we usually go and play and explore in the forest that is right next to our preschool (our children love it!) or walk to a nearby playground. After getting fresh air and active time outdoors, we come indoors, play some music and move a bit more before having lunch. When children have eaten and nappies are changed, it’s time to rest. The time of the rest depends fully on child’s needs.

Some rest for an hour, other 2 h or more. Then it’s time for ”gym” and moving again (playing with sports equipment, dancing to music). After everyone’s awake again and toileting is done, we have snack and after that it’s time for either free play and / or art and other projects.

You can find our daily schedule here.



How does INTO divide English and Finnish language? For example 50/50?

We use Finnish and English equally side by side throughout the day. We have native speakers (both Finnish and English) working with children and they mainly use their mother tongue with them. Naturally songs are sung in both languages and sometimes simple phrases are said in both Finnish and English (e.g. Lisää maitoa, kiitos / More milk please) by one teacher.


Is there a waiting list?

Yes, You can join the waiting list by paying 150 € booking fee. 

Are you open during summer?

INTO Preschool is closed in July.

When is the best time for us to apply?

As we are constantly growing and getting new inquiries, we highly encourage parents to apply as soon as possible.

At the moment we still have spaces left!

What are the group sizes?

Depending on children’s ages our groups for younger ones are between 8-10 children.



We hope you find these answers helpful.

Please let us know if there’s anything more you wish to know about us by contacting us!

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